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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Just about ready

Good morning.
So glad we had a week off after work before the big move! Been packing and getting rid of stuff all week!
Here's what the living room looks like right now in our apt.....

It's been a challenge getting everything packed, but still trying to 'live' here.
But we're in pretty good shape. The relocube is being delivered in the morning, andmovers coming in the afternoon. So we have today and tomorrow morning to finish it up. And we also have a lunch date and dinner date today to fit in. So I'm getting Craig up early today to get things going. We've got someone coming over Monday afternoon for the mattress and Pango chairs and the TV. And one of our apt neighbors is taking Craig's desk. So we have just about everything spoken for that we are not taking with us.
So I better get going!

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