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Friday, August 19, 2016

retirement pics and moving update.

Good morning.
Here's a few more pics from our retirement party.....

Look close at this last pic. Can you see what Craig is doing?  That's just not like him! The beers must have kicked in by this pic.  :-)
We had a large crowd of people coming and going all afternoon. I guess people are going to miss us. Or they came because they're happy to see us go and free food.   :-)
Craig finished up the books for the business, and we drove them over to our accountant. He'll do the final tax return for the Salon. I also got a call from the transport company, and I've been matched with a driver. He's picking the car up Monday morning. Also, the U-pack is being delivered Monday morning and movers coming Monday afternoon.
And no more meals at the apartment as we have dinner plans the rest of our stay here with various friends.  We are going to try and walk every day to balance the extra calorie intake.  :-)
So our move continues to slowly come together. Even the last minute change to take the Hyundai seems to be working out.
And we also had a little luck. The apartment complex is having all the balcony railings replaced. We were on our balcony yesterday afternoon, when the lady from the office came up the walk. She was about to put notices on the doors informing the residents our building was to be done today. I mentioned that we were moving out on Monday, and the movers like to transport all the stuff over the railing instead of going up and down the stairs. The new railings will make that more difficult as they are at least a ft taller than the old ones.
She decided our building could wait until next week. ( there's 36 buildings in our complex and only about a third are done) Not because of helping our movers as much as  concern of scratching the new railing.
So with that, time to go.

1 comment:

  1. Haha. I was looking back and forth at the pictures before I read your blog, and I was thinking Craig is smiling. He must like retirement. And then I read your post and you noticed the same thing. ^_^
    Pretty smart on the part of the landlady, no matter the reason.
    Enjoy your weekend!