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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

what day is it?

Good morning.
I forgot to post a pic of another retirement gift we got....
It's a day clock. I think this might come in handy. That's the biggest thing I hear about retirement is that every day is the same. If you don't have a regular daily routine like work or volunteering, every day just runs into the next. I think I'll hang it in the bedroom, so when I wake up, I can look and see what day it is.  :-)
I spent most of yesterday boxing up  a good part of the kitchen. We've planned meals for the rest of the time here, so I could pack what we don't need. 3 of the days, we're having dinner with different friends before we leave.
The stylist that wanted the large white pantry cabinet came and picked that up, and we also took a nice walk.
Called the transit company and got that started. We decided we didn't want the car to get there before the 28th. We're still not sure if we are leaving on the 23rd or 24th. Will depend on when ABF can pick up the U-Pack. Won't know that for sure until sometime tomorrow.
So I'm glad we had a week off before we leave. There's more to do than I thought.


  1. It is true - I never know what day it is!

  2. I use my cell phone or computer to tell me what day it is.
    We have a calendar, too, for appointments; but that doesn't help if we don't know what day it is!
    The day clock is a good idea; but the first Tuesday? The third Wednesday? ;)
    Are you flying when you leave or driving? We would have driven, just because we would be going through different states than we had been before. ^_^
    Enjoy not having a schedule! Though you kind of still do. At least for now. ^_^