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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

change of plans

Good afternoon.
Well, after trying to sell his nearly new Hyundai , we've decided to take it to Vegas. 
Because it's only 4 years old and only 9300 miles, he just isn't getting any offers.
Sooo, we decide to have it shipped out there. We'll keep the Hyundai, and sell the Honda. It just makes economic sense. Even though the Honda has low millage and is in excellent condition, it makes more sense to keep the Hyundai and sell the Honda. The Honda is 18 years old and who knows what problems might soon pop up. And the $850 to ship is better than what we'd have to lower the price to sell it at this point.
Anyway, I've spent the weekend, (wait, I don't have weekends any more. Every day is a weekend day.  :-)
packing more stuff as Craig finishes the business work. We take our books to our accountant on Friday.
So he can do our business returns next year.
And that's all I have for now...


  1. W and C, I think you made a wise decision. The Hyundai is barely broke in and has many, many, more years of use. The Honda, although excellent, is 16 yrs. old. You could be a three car family for a while.... no rush! I bet you will have a neighbor that would buy the Honda right away if you want to sell it. Good luck and hope to see you guys soon! M and C in TN

  2. $850 dollars to ship is not bad at all.
    Won't be long now!