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Monday, August 15, 2016

retirement party

Good morning.
Well, we survived our last day at the Salon. Then cleaned out our station and storage cabinet. It still doesn't feel like I'll never go back even though I know I won't be.
 Here's just a few of the many cards we received over the last 2 weeks...
Then Sunday was our 'retirement' party.
It was held at Reno's West.
And this is a pic of us with the new owner of the Salon
They even got us a cake!
I didn't take any pics as I was soo busy talking to everyone who came. Other people took a lot of pics so I'm hoping they send me copies. There was a very good turnout for our party and Craig and I were just about the last to leave nearly an hour after the 'official' ending time.
So now we go about tying up loose ends and continue to pack and get rid of stuff. Have a whole week, so we should do okay.

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  1. Have a safe trip. Take care and write when you get settled in. ♥