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Monday, September 12, 2016

another busy day.

Good afternoon.
Another busy day.
Craig discovered while fixing dinner, our porch lights were flashing dimly. Turned out, the new LED lights we installed are not compatible with the  the wall switch that controls them. Sooo we had to go out this morning to buy a new switch. Got that installed and they work again.  :-)
Then we had the new washer and dryer delivered today. They got the old ones out and the new ones in in about 30 minutes. They new exactly what they were doing. 
Then, we headed over to the community center to drop off the ARC plans for our patio. We wanted to get approval of a wall decoration and a light. They meet Friday.
Then we took a nice 30 minute drive over to Mt Charleston.
Where we had drinks and lunch. It was a rather chilly 76 up there as opposed to 96 in the valley.
Amazing the change in vegetation and temps in such a short distance.
We got back home to get the mail and Craig finally got his official Social Security form letter  about his benefits. And we got a keypad remote garage door opener. Will be nice not to have to go in and out the front door when we take our walks.
And for dinner? Ham steaks with fried taters and honey ginger carrots.
Tomorrow, we hit the gym. All this easy retirement living is adding to my tummy.   :-)

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