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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

another post.

Good afternoon.
Another busy couple of days.
We've been extending our daily morning walks longer and into the father reaches of our community. Then on Tuesday, we hit the gym. Didn't do an awful lot as we didn't want to be too sore this morning. But got in a nice workout. Going back tomorrow morning.
Tuesday was also bulk pick-up day. The trash is picked up weekly and twice a month they have 'bulk' pick-up. That day you can put out anything that won't fit into your trash cans. I was able to put out all the broken down boxes and bags of packing material we had from the cube. 
Got our last estimate for the back yard. Picked one of the companies and they are coming out Friday for a detailed measurement and to sign contracts.
Went to Winco today, one of the grocery stores we have here in the valley. Found they have some good prices and products we can't find elsewhere. We stocked up.   :-)
Did some minor projects around the house today.  Put the ironing board on the wall in the 'laundry' closet, mended a pair of shorts, and installed an under cabinet light in the kitchen where Craig wanted a little more than the ceiling lights give.
And that's all I've got for today.

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  1. You are pretty much settled now. Glad it all went well.