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Saturday, September 17, 2016


Good afternoon.
Things are going pretty good.  We are adjusting to our new retired desert life. We've been walking every day, and even worked out at the fitness center this morning after our walk.  On Thursday. I thought I might keep some of the stones from the back yard in case I need to 'freshen' up the front yard in the future. So, I scooped up three 5 gal buckets and put them in the garage. Friday morning the landscaper we decided on came and did some in depth measuring and discussing exactly what we want. They plan on coming back on Sunday with drawings and samples.
I also went to the ARK meeting on the wall art I wanted to put up. It was approved and we hung it that afternoon.
And it's been mostly a cloudless beautiful several weeks since we've been here.

These are views from out patio.
We also made 'appointments' for the Nevada DMV for Tuesday morning to get our Nevada licenses. Printed out several forms to fill out and have to take a crap load of stuff to prove we live here now. It's nice we were able to make appointments so we don't have to sit there half a day or more.    :-)
Then, after we get Nevada drivers  license we'll switch the car registrations over. Then after that, we'll start getting our health insurance switched to Nevada. I just didn't realize all the hassle it was moving to another state. But we'll get it done.   :-)
And Craig decide we need to try and stay on a weekly schedule, so that means Saturday night munchies! And tonight that means home made nachos! And with that, I'm off to help him dice and slice.   :-)

1 comment:

  1. You haven't seen any scorpions around there, have you?
    I remember all the Louisiana switching over. Fun fun!
    Have a fun Sunday!