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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

busy time.

Good morning.
Meant to post yesterday, but was just too busy.   :-)
Sunday, after our walk, we drove down to the South Point Casino Hotel. It's way on the southern  end of the valley. Got players cards but didn't gamble. They have a free show every Thursday that our neighbor Obbie recommends but you need players cards to get the free tickets.  We haven't been to a show yet, but now we have the cards in case we decide to go. The entertainment appears to be dated for an older crowd than us, but hey, for free it might be fun.  :-)
Monday, went for our morning coffee walk, then over to the fitness center. Back home, we trimmed up the tree in the front yard, and blew out all the dead leaves from the last 2 years. Tuesday was trash pickup so got all the branches and leaves stuffed into the can. Front yard looks much better!
Tuesday, we walked again, and then over to the Nevada DMV to get our new drivers license. They have a similar setup like in Michigan. You go online and make an 'appointment'. Ours was for 9:15. But they make you go early and 'check-in'.  Seemed a little stupid, but they want to make sure you have all the documentation needed. We did. So we checked in, and went into this enormous room with what must have been 30 rows of chairs, half of them with people waiting. They also had 28 windows of people being served. We did get called to a window within 10 min. of our scheduled time. Not bad for such an enormous place and so many people.  They give you a temporary id, and punch holes in your old one.
Our new Nevada id's should come in about a week. Then, on Friday, we get to go back again! This time for plates and registrations. We first have to get a VIN identification inspection. and a smog test on his Hyundai. The Vin inspection is done at a drive through station outside the DMV. The smog test at many gas stations.
We'll do those today. We also have to surrender the old plates, which means taking tools to the DMV and removing the plates before we go in. We also stopped and ate lunch on the patio at a place called BJ's.
It was a cloudy day. Remnants of Hurricane Paine off the coast of Mexico. Made for a very pleasant day temp wise. And reminded us of Michigan, except for the palm trees and mountains.    :-)
 Then back home, we spent over an hour on the phone redoing our insurances on the house and cars. Had to drop coverage on the Honda and the apartment back in Michigan. And convert car coverage to Nevada and add the house.
 So staying pretty busy right now.

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