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Friday, September 23, 2016

busy, busy, busy!

Good morning.
This first pic is of our morning walk on Wed. 
Still quite cloudy, and getting very humid. It actually got up to 73% humidity on Thursday. Never had seen it that humid before. By Thursday afternoon, the sun was back and humidity down to 13%. Much better!
I also on Thursday cleaned out my puter. With the move and all, I didn't do my July cleaning like I usually do. So I turned it off, took the side off the puter, and used canned air to spray out all the dust. It was pretty bad.
We also met with the landscapers and here's the latest drawing for the back yard....
The orange areas are pavers for the patio extension and walkway.The white edging is going to be a cement border around the pavers and along the walkway. The winding lumpy looking thingy is going to be a dry riverbed with flowering shrubs planted on either side of it.  The dark grey area is the existing covered patio.
The big white squares are the house.  The reddish brown outline around the yard is the existing wall. We have a privacy wall around our little back yard.
So the plan is looking good right now. They will start the excavation process probably in a week or so. All of the existing stone and a lot of the soil will be removed.
 Everything in this pic will go....
 The tree and  the 2 shrubs by the tree will stay. And the unfinished wall will be capped.

This is where the walkway will go to the gate.
 Add the patio will extend out into the yard from the existing covered patio.
So very anxious to get this project going. The next step will be submitting the plans to the ARC committee for approval. The next meeting is Oct. 7th.  I've been in regular contact with the Director of Standards & Compliance on every aspect so far so we shouldn't have any issues with the committee.   :-)
And here's a pic of Craig doing what he!
Mushroom filled ravioli lasagna!
It was delish!
Now time to go. We have another date with the DMV. This time for license plates and registrations.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    What a terrific looking plan! The extension is perfect for you to enjoy backyard and the beautiful weather.

  2. Everything is looking good. Take care!

  3. You could also consider an awning that will extend over the new pavers. It could be an automatic one with a wind sensor.

    Can't wait to see the finished backyard!