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Thursday, September 29, 2016

hauling stones

Good morning.
Well, it's been another couple of busy days.  The landscapers are coming out Sat. to start the excavation process so I wanted to salvage as much of the stone in the back yard as I could. Because of the high mineral content of the soil, the stones eventually break down and have to be 'refreshed'. So, wanting to save a little money, I've been shoveling up buckets of stones and hauling them to the front and top dressing what I have out there. It looks real nice, but heavy work. I'm doing most of it in the mornings when it's nice and cool. We are still getting up to near 90 in the afternoon. Very pleasant to sit on the patio, but a little warm to do strenuous stuff. I've also filled 7 buckets with stones and have them in the garage. I'm thinking of having the 3 large Rosemary bushes in the front yard torn out next spring and would need those to fill in the area around the new plants.
And here's a few pics i took coming home yesterday...
Coming off the highway. Across the highway is the large Aliante casino Hotel. Our community is right behind it.
And a couple of roads coming up Aliante Boulevard. We do have a lot of greenery here. Just not a lot of grass.
And I've picked out the plants I want for the backyard. When I get a little time, I'll post pics and names of them.
Well that's about it for now.


  1. Yup. Dry heat is good; but nothing 90 is good for heavy work.
    Glad you are settled in with little trouble.

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Desert landscapes are some of the most beautiful. There is a bunch of lush green foliage that you don't expect. I saw this in Cave Creek AZ...the foliage was so full that you couldn't see the homes. Mainly, because its low which give you much privacy. MikeInDallas