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Saturday, October 01, 2016

and yet, another update.

Good morning.
The weather continues to be...well....damn near perfect! We had a little rain early Friday but the sun came out and stayed nice.
We went down to the South Point Hotel/Casino to see a Backyard Expo. Got some brochures for maybe sometime redoing the bathroom counters and shower.
Then we headed to the strip, The Flamingo Hotel / Casino to be exact. Went and saw the wildlife habitat. Real Flamingos, assorted other foul, turtles and enormous koi. It's free with free parking. And while we were there , we went next door to the Linq. It's an outdoor promenade full of shops restaurants and bars that links Las Vegas Blvd to the High Roller. Las Vegas's giant observation wheel.
Here's a stock pic of the High Roller from the other end of the Linq promenade.
And here's a pic of us at an outdoor patio. Craig said right after I took the pic...."Do you always have to take a damn picture everywhere we go?"
That's the reason for the foul expression on his face.    :-)      And my answer was of course!
And even though our home is only 10 years old, we have cave drawings on our wall. After the backyard redo, we're having the wall power washed.
And speaking of the backyard.... They delivered a big damn dumpster yesterday. They start the excavation process this morning.
Oh, we got our new drivers license in the mail yesterday. We are now card carrying Nevadans!

1 comment:

  1. You have to remind Craig that Mom expects pictures. ^_^
    I would not get on that 'High Roller', but it looks neat all lit up.
    Glad you had a good Saturday!