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Sunday, October 02, 2016

back yard excavation.

Good morning.
The landscaping crew of 5 arrived yesterday at 7am and got to work. Here's the dumpster as they filled it throughout the day.....
And 2pm.  Yes, all that dirt and stones came from my little back yard!
Here's a pic of the left side before he power washed the walls. They dug out over a ft of soil from along the back wall to get it more level with the rest of the back yard. You can see the old soil line on the wall. It's where it goes from dark to light.  And of course they also removed all the plants on that side. It's looking better all ready! Now they won't be back until next Saturday, as they plans for the redo must be approved by the ARC. And they don't meet until Friday.
I'll post more when I can!

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