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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

still more to say. :-)

Good morning.
First off, here's a pic of a little fella we spotted near the ceiling of our out door entry.

A tiny little bat! He's one of the smallest in the US. Was only there just the one day. I surmised it was attracted to bugs that were around our lights we turn on at night. Must have been too tuckered to go back to where ever it roosts normally.
And here's pics of the back yard now devoid of nearly everything and leveled.
They dug out nearly a ft of soil and stones that were banked up along the entire wall.
Once the landscaping plans get approved from the Architectural Review Committee, (ARC)  Then the new back yard will begin. The committee meets this coming Friday. And the landscaper is scheduled for Saturday.
And they  finally picked up the massive dumpster yesterday afternoon.
Then, for dinner, Craig wanted my delicious omelet.
I learned a way to get the eggs to completely cook with out browning or trying to flip the whole thing over. Take a pan with a bottom slightly larger than the pan you're cooking in and place it on a hot burner. When the egg's are looking fairly done on the bottom, take the hot pan and 'sit' it on top of the egg pan for about one minute. The hot bottom of the second pan finishes the cooking for the top of the eggs. Then just add your extras and flip the one half over the other and let it  heat through.  I filled ours with turkey sausage and fat free shredded cheese.
Craig loves them!
We also have been walking every day, and working out in the fitness center 2-3 times a week.
Liking retirement so far!

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  1. Congratulations with the omelets! Glad you are enjoying retirement.