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Friday, October 07, 2016

the landscape project has begun

Good morning.
Work has finally begun on the back yard patio extension.

It took them 11 hours to get the framing for the concrete sections just right.
Watching him work on smoothing and re-smoothing the cement, I learned why my homemade jobs back in Michigan never looked professional.
Pavers will go inside the concrete frame.
It's going to look just how I envisioned it.    :-)
Wed. we had a 10am snack and learn class at the community center. There are dozens of free classes they have there. This one was about a program Nevada has to help pay for medicare part D. We discovered Craig needs to be a resident for 1 year before he can sign up. We also learned more about the 'doughnut hole' and some other aspects of Medicare. A very good class, and even free coffee and bagels!
Thursday  morning was the ARC workshop. I went in to answer any questions about my landscape plans. There were only a couple and it looks like I'll get the okay at the regular meeting this morning.
Then at 11, we have a lunch and learn class. It's about whether we are over insured or under insured.  I think Craig has way more insurance that we need. We'll see!  :-)
Again, it's a free class, and we even get lunch!
And Saturday, the pavers are to be installed as well as the plants and the drip irrigation system and even the stones. Seems like a lot, but that's their plan. I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. Your yard may not have been professional, but you did it yourself. You can be proud.
    Looks like all is going well!