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Sunday, September 04, 2016

I'm back!

Good morning.
We finally have internet! It took nearly all day yesterday, but we have it! They had to run new wires from the house to the street.
So, we arrived in Vegas one week ago Saturday.
 Craig's car arrived 2 hours later.
 The Honda we had at the house wouldn't start, So I put the charger on it. Got it started and decided we needed to drive it to charge up the battery. Got near the other side of the valley and started losing power. Long story short. The car died on the highway. Got it towed to a dealer and had to replace the battery and the alternator.
 One day, we had lunch at the grill at the golf course that snakes through our community.
 Nice view of the practice range and the Sheep Mountains behind our community.
 Then on Wed. our relo cube arrived. The driver even helped us unload everything into the garage.  He had an ulterior motive as he wanted to take the cube so he wouldn't have to come back to get it. But we appreciated the help and gave him a nice tip.
We spent the next few days unpacking. We have everything out of boxes and in the house. We are finishing putting everything someplace. We even have most of the pics on the walls. I'll take some pics today or tomorrow.
While waiting for the relo cube to arrive we bought a new gas grill.
 Also had to get a conversion kit because we have a natural gas spigot on the side of the patio.
 Here's our first meal on the grill. It cooked a lot hotter than my old propane grill. Will take some getting used to how it cooks. But dinner was delish!
 The copper sun on the wall was one of the 2 things we took from the Salon. We though it would look good in the kitchen, and it does!
And Craig decide to put the copper State of Michigan in the master bath that we got from a customer as a going away present to remind us where we came from.. :-)
So we are getting settled in. Nice to start cooking regular meals instead of eating out of getting fast food.
The house is really starting to feel like a home. We still have to get Craig a new puter, and Craig wants a new washer and dryer. The pair we have is very basic, and the dryer constantly turns off before the clothes are dry. We think it's over heating but the duck work looks clear, so maybe just a bad dryer.  Then next week, I'll contact a few landscapers to get estimates on redoing the back yard.
The hardest part of retirement is not knowing what day it is. With out a daily routine, every day is just another day. We went out yesterday to the grocery store, and was surprised at how busy it was. Then we remembered it was Saturday.   :-)   And it doesn't feel like a holiday weekend. I don't get any extra time off work. I feel a little cheated.  But I'm sure we'll adjust.   :-)
So we're here, still getting settled, but are liking it. We've walked just about every morning, walking different routes around the neighborhood trying to get to know all the different street names. 
As you can see, the streets aren't in a typical grid pattern. They curve and wind around the golf course which is the green areas. look close, our house in on Songster St.  Just about where the second 't' is.
So that's it for now. I'll post more when I get some time.


  1. Not only was yesterday Saturday, it was the third of the month. So, everyone paid on the first was shopping. Football season is starting, and yes. Labor day weekend.

    You will adjust, yes. May just take a while. Your computer and your cell phone can tell you what day it is. And wasn't one of your gifts a clock to tell you what day it is?

    Glad to hear everything is going well. Love you! God bless you both.

  2. The Jeep nicely stands out in the tan landscape of Nevada. Good choice in color selection. I can relate to the comments of being attached to every car you own and wanting to preserve them. Gene in Ohio

  3. I know what you mean about not knowing what day it is. We have a calendar on the fridge and we mark off the days. That helps!