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Friday, September 09, 2016

some time at the strip.

Good afternoon.
We finally took some time off from the house and stuff and went down to the strip to people watch.
Here's us at New York New York having a cold one in the lobby bar.
They built a promenade between New York and Monte Carlo to the new Arena. These waterfalls really help bring down the temps.
The center piece to this 'Park' is a 40 ft sculpture called Bliss Dance.
It even lights up at night.
It was a nice diversion from all the stuff we've been dealing with since we got here. And, we didn't even gamble! Haven't been to a casino since we got here. Of course, part of that is probably because we've been spending  lot of money anyway. 
But people watching on the strip is fun. Reminds us of the times we came here many years ago to party, soak up the atmosphere and let loose. Now, I just want to relax.   :-)

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  1. And Craig smiling.
    Glad you had a relaxing day!