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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Internet, and helping a neighbor.

Good afternoon.
Well, I finally have Internet.....again!
I had Century Link come out last Saturday and get me hooked up. The tech discovered the line running from the house to the sidewalk, and the line running from the sidewalk to their box down the street was bad. He replaced the line from the sidewalk to the house,   got me hooked up, but said my speed would be slower and I'd have intermittent signal loss. They would send a tech out on Tuesday to replace the line down the street, Then I'd be full power. Well, on Tuesday, the tech arrived to discover he couldn't replace the line as it was buried and wasn't put in a conduit. The only way to replace the line would be to trench it and he said the company wouldn't pay for it. So basically, I couldn't get service with them or anyone who offers DSL. So, my only choice was Cox. I called and set up an appointment for Wed. afternoon. The 2 hour time slot came and went with out anyone showing up. I called and eventually was told a mix up in the work order was the problem. So, we rescheduled for this morning, and finally, I'm back online. And of course, Cox is nearly twice the cost of DSL. And then I had to take the Century Link modem to a nearby office so I won't be charged for it.
In between all this, I've had 3 different landscapers out to look at the backyard. The last one just an hour ago. Now the waiting game for estimates.
And we also helped out a fellow neighbor. I got an e-mail from our neighbor across the street. They go back to Minnesota for the summer. She got a form letter from the association about her landscaping  needing maintenance. She asked me to take a look to see what the problem was.
Well, they have a 5 ft rule for trees. They must be pruned 5 ft above the ground.  As you can see, hers was hanging quite a bit below that. I told her I'd prune it back for her and send her pics.
Took us about half an hour to trim and bag it up. She gave us her garage code and we put it in there until bulk pick-up next week.
So been a busy few days.
Oh, and as promised from my last post, don't buy the Kale, Mango, Blueberry salad. It was way to much Kale and not enough of the other.  :-)

1 comment:

  1. That was great of you to help your neighbor. Almost like doing your old yard, but much faster.
    Cox is cable though, right? We would be happy to pay more to get something besides DSL. Funny that way.
    Have a blessed weekend!