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Thursday, October 13, 2016

a few pics

Good morning,
It's been a couple of beautiful days. Starts out in the mid 60's and gets to near 90.
Here's another pic we took on a morning walk this week...
There were clouds hanging over the Sheep Mountains. I never seem to tire looking at them. The mountains that is.   :-)  Although I do like seeing the clouds too, as we have very few days of them so far.
Here's a rabbit taking a siesta on out front walk. At first I thought it might be injured as I've never seen a rabbit 'lay' like this before, but a noise  scared it and he was up and gone in no time.
And here's a pic of a hummingbird that comes to our newly landscaped yard several times a day. Every bush we planted will have flowers that attract hummers, so I expect to see a lot of him. And apparently he doesn't think we have enough to share as he's constantly chasing away other hummers that try to come in.
We found a couple of pots we like and are buying some cacti for them today. We have no restrictions on where we can put pots in our back yard. We are going to put them between the second patio and the wall, and in between them a wall fountain. As soon as we get ARC approval for the fountain. That will be next week.
And that's it for now.

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