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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

a nice birthday

Good morning.
It's been beautiful weather! Mostly sunny and very mild. Around 90. And really, 90 feels more like 75 when the humidity is low. It's at 24% this morning and 68. Here's a pic of us relaxing on our new patio yesterday afternoon.
Had a very nice birthday yesterday,  Did our usual approx. 2 mile walk, then went to the fitness center for a little workout, then we drove all over the outskirts of the valley to a few landscape/patio stores. We were looking at fountains, pots and wall art. Want to add a personal touch to our newly done back yard. I'll post pics when we find something.
Then we had lunch at the Aliante golf club grille.
Here's a pic of our new patio extension from the living room.
And they came over on Sunday and finished the walkway to the side gate.

I love the way they designed the concrete borders around everything. A lot more work on their part, but a really nice effect. Helps it to look like a patio extension instead of an addition. And yes, the walkway isn't centered with the gate. We decided it would look better centered between the patio and the wall. And the gate opens from the left. Besides, we don't use the gate hardly at all, and you can't see the gate from the patio.
Now time to shower and get on with the day....

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