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Monday, October 24, 2016

A mostly fun day

Good morning.
We've just returned from an overnight stay at the Rio Hotel/Casino on Flamingo Rd just over the highway from the strip. One of the reasons for this was we had a very generous gift card for Smith and Wollensky's as a going away present from a good friend/customer. A very high end steak house. We each chose the 14 oz. New York strip. We had sides of scalloped potatoes, marinated mushrooms and duck fat veggies. It was absolutely delicious! We both ate everything!
The restaurant is right on las Vegas blvd and we got a nice table on the patio facing the strip. We decided to walk the distance from Rio to the Restaurant, which was across from Monte Carlo, since we were eating such a calorie laden meal. The walk was about 2 miles each way and with all the people took us about 45 min each way.  Here's a pic on the way back to Rio with all the people out and about.
The main reason we stayed at the Rio, was we had a groupon for the Voodoo Zip Line.  It goes from the top of the 51 story Rio Hotel. Craig really wanted to do it after doing the Slotzilla zip line downtown on Fremont street.
Craig loved it! I barely managed to do it.  It was terrifying! I don't know how I managed to even get on. But it's done and over now and I'll never do it again!
Here's a view from our room on the 35th floor...
The pool area below and the strip across the highway. We actually had a very cloudy day and this morning rain! First rain since we've been here.
We could even see the zip line from our room!
We even did some gambling! First time since we've been here. We lost. That's why we don't go very often.
But it was a very nice room, a nice hotel, great dinner and an overall good time.

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  1. I would never do that zip thing either.
    Glad you had a good time, though!