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Friday, October 21, 2016

backyard progress

Good afternoon.
It's been easy carefree few days. We walk pretty much every day for about 2-3 miles.  We also work out at the fitness center 2-3 times a week. Thursday, was the ARC meeting where we got somewhat approved for my latest additions to the back yard. Here's the Wall art we put up....
  And here's the wall water fountain.....
We received that by Fed-X the same day as the ARC meeting and spent the afternoon putting it together. The entire thing is stone! Not just the slate bevels the water runs down, but everything! Very well constructed. Easy to put together, and works beautifully. wanted it placed next to the wall, but when I went to the meeting, I discovered water features along with plants need to be 3 ft from the lot line.
So, here it is, 3 ft from the lot line. It look 'okay'.
Now, the head of the ARC committee, whom I've had quite a few conversations with over the last couple of months due to all the stuff going on in our yard, came up to me and confidentially told me that after the inspection, I can do pretty much what I want. Which means I'll be than able to move it back next to the wall.
It was very nice of him to disclose that to me. 
So, we are liking the yard as it develops further.
That's it for now....


  1. That was nice of him to do that.

  2. Absolutely beautiful job on the whole project.