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Monday, October 31, 2016

filthy windows

Good morning.
The weather is starting to cool down. We're forecast for mid to upper 70's this week. Lows around low 50's. It'll be the first 70's we've seen since arriving.
And yesterday was window cleaning day.
 We've finally figured out how to get the screens out so we can clean the windows.
They have springs on one side and tabs you pull on the other side. We tried to do that, but couldn't pull them over enough to get them out. We finally discovered that the track was packed with very fine dust that had actually set up like cement, preventing the screen from moving. Had to spray water in there to dissolve all that, flush it out, then the screens came out easily. It does get windy out here occasionally and that dust must have been building up in the track for 10 years. From the looks of the house when we bought it, I don't think the previous owners every cleaned, much less wash the windows.
Craig has a 'special' window cleaning solution he uses with a squeegee that makes the windows crystal clear. We got the patio door and bedroom windows done yesterday and plan on doing the living room and kitchen today. Even the screens were dirty. I sprayed them with a soap solution and rinsed them with the sprayer on the hose and you should have seen all the brown/grey stuff running off. But like I said, they probably haven't been cleaned for 10 years. That's how old the house is.
And I know your probably getting bored with my mountain pics, but here's another one I took on a recent walk....
This one is from the main street that goes through our community.
And we've upped our walks to 2 a day. Morning and late afternoon. And not just a casual stroll. We brisk walk for 30-40- minutes, which equals 2-3 miles.. We actually work up a sweat. I needed to get more calorie burn and this seems to be doing the trick. I think we've finally found a good balance between eating, drinking, and exercise. My weight is finally getting back to where I want it.   :-)
And that's all for today.

1 comment:

  1. Scenery is never boring. Mom said she will have 70s this week, too.
    I hope you both have a blessed week.