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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Voted. And it was easy!

Good morning.
We voted yesterday.... :-)
Nevada is a lot different from Michigan in how they prepare and vote. First off, every registered voter gets an Official Sample ballot in the mail. Inside is the ballot for all the offices and proposals that you can fill out and use as a cheat sheet.  Then there are articles on where each candidate stands an numerous issues, And articles for and against each proposal. Gives you time to read it all over and make an informed decision.  There were 8 proposals on the ballet. Then, they tell you to bring it with you when you vote so it takes less time in the voting booth. And although they don't have absentee voting, they do have early voting. Voting in Nevada starts on Oct 22nd and over the course of 3 weeks have various polling places available. A resident can go to any early poling place in the valley to vote. Everything is computerized and online. You go in, give them your name, they pull your info up, you sign a form, they program a card with your info, you take it to a machine and insert it like a credit card. You use the touch screen to vote, it has you check the summary when you're done to make sure you are voting how you want, prints out your choice to confirm and your done. You pull out the card and give it to a worker when you leave. Quick, easy and really convenient! We saw that 3 early voting days were going to be at our community center on the 27th, through the 29th. So we went in yesterday and got in and out.  Good for Nevada! it so nice they make it easy and convenient!
Then here's a pic I took on our afternoon walk.
We had more rain again yesterday and the clouds were giving away to sun on the Sheep Mountains that lie behind our community. I never seem to tire looking at the mountains.
We found a local orchard a few miles west of here where you can go and pick your own veggies. They have very good prices and are open 3 days a week. We were surprised at the variety they offered that they grow on site. They don't have much left at this point, but looking forward to going there a lot next spring and summer.
Talked to a neighbor yesterday. Asked about Halloween and if we needed to buy candy. They said no. We get no trick or treaters here. I was wondering, being an age 55 community.   :-)
And that's all I have for today.

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