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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

haircut day.

Good morning.
Well, yesterday I had to stay at home while waiting for Fed-ex to arrive. For some stupid reason, the new phone I ordered for Craig had to be signed for. Soooo, I made use of the time. I power cleaned the master bath, dusted all the wood furniture, Swiffered the tile floors, and vacuumed.  Then we gave each other haircuts.
I had mine cut nice and short. As thin as it's getting shorter looks better I think.
No pic of Craig. He hates to have his pic taken.   :-)
The phone arrived around 1pm. Not to bad. The tracking said it would arrive by 8pm.
And here's more pics of our mountains during our walks....
Sunrise on the Sheep mountains just north of us......
and sunrise over on the Spring mountains on the west side of the valley.
Getting more and more settled in our new home and city. Been venturing out further and further from our community. Slowly getting acquainted with all the main roads.
Starting to fill our little chest freezer we bought. There's been some good sales on meat, and we stock up when the price is good. turkeys go on sale this week. Planning on getting 4 this year. You can't beat the price of turkey near Thanksgiving!
Thanks to the time change, it starts getting dark around 4:30 in the afternoon. Making it real hard to adjust to Pacific time. I'm getting up around 4-5 every morning. I try to stay up later in the evening, but find myself waking up in my recliner around 9:30. Then I get up and go to bed. Maybe I need a less comfortable chair.  Or maybe no after dinner glass of Sherry. Or maybe I'll just stay an early morning person. Does it matter? I'm retired!   :-)

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