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Friday, November 11, 2016

no cable bills for me!

Good morning.
Another beautiful sunrise on our Sheep Mountains yesterday morning during our walk.
With the clocks turned back it gets light here around 6:30 right now, but it gets dark by 5pm.  :-/
That's the downsize of being on the eastern edge of the Pacific Time zone. Where as Lansing was on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone. Makes a huge difference when the sun rises and sets.
And we finally got a better antenna.
We had a 'bar' antenna we hooked to the wall above the TV. It worked pretty good getting about 30 channels. But we needed a better antenna mainly because many of the stations would 'come in and out'.  I also don't want one that sticks way up in the air outside looking bad since our homes are so close together, and we are way out in the northern edge of the valley so signals have to travel farther.
Funny looking isn't it? Went to Best Buy and this is what was recommended. Put it together and propped it on top of the entertainment center to see if it was better than the old one. Got 58 channels! All crystal clear! Decided to try it in the attic, got 62 channels! Twice as many as the 'bar antenna. We were originally  thinking of having it installed outside on the side peak of the house, but we are now getting everything there is available over the air. Now, of course, there are many channels that we won't watch. Shopping channels, Spanish speaking channels, schools channels, etc. but there is still plenty. And no cable bills!  :-)
Since we have a Smart TV and high speed wireless internet, we might eventually get Hulu or Netflix. We'll see how this works for now.
Yesterday, Craig tried to call Humana about his policy and couldn't get the phone to dial. You could put the number in and press the call button, it would say dialing, but you'd hear no ringing, and then it would disconnect. I tried calling him and nothing.  I check the settings to make sure airplane mode wasn't on. I checked to make sure calls were allowed.I tried to use his to text mine, nothing. I turned it off, took out the battery let it sit, replaced the battery and turned it back on and still wouldn't work. So, I went online and ordered him another phone. Found one very similar to his current one for $29.99. He doesn't need a large screen or the latest phone.  Should be here tomorrow. Then, this morning, I got one more idea to try. I decided to try a factory reset, where it wipes out everything that's been done to the phone and returns it to the original condition the day it was bought.  That seems to have done the trick! I can now call and text again.   Well, I guess we'll probably keep the new phone unopened in case we eventually need it. I'll see if maybe I can send it back.
Well, that's it for now.

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