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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Who eats these things!?!

Good morning.
A beautiful day yesterday. Sunny and 82. We are running about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year and it should continue through next week.   :-)
The main store we do our shopping at is called Smiths. It's owned by the Kroger company and even carries a lot of Kroger brand goods. We also have Albertsons, and WinCo.  Anyway, we tend to shop at different Smiths depending on where we are at the time. Such as when we go to Lowe's over on Lossee, we go to the Smiths on Centennial. If we go over to Walmart on Durango, we'll go to the Smiths on Durango and Ann.
So you get the picture. Yesterday, we went over to Star Nursery so we went to the Smiths on Craig Rd. We tend to go to this one often as it's a larger store, carries more stuff and the second closest Smiths to our house. And, we're retired! We have time to drive around.   :-)
The point I'm getting to, is this particular Smiths must cater to a more diverse clientele because this is what we saw in the fresh meat case......right next to the fresh hams....
And no.....we did not buy one. I don't even know what you'd use one for.  :-/
So, back home, we spent most of the afternoon cleaning the rest of the windows, screens, and blinds. Good thing we have a small house with only 7 windows. I was surprised at how dirty our 2in wood blinds were They are white and looked fine until I laid them out on the floor, sprayed them with cleaner and started to wipe them down. They were filthy! And so were the screens! But now, all the windows, screens and blinds are done and they look great! But like I said before, I don't think anything had ever been cleaned by the previous owners.
The rest of the weekend I think we'll take it easy. Then next week, we both have to find new health insurance. Craig will need a new medigap policy and has until Dec. 7th to get one, and I'll need a new policy (Obamacare) to start Jan. 1st. So that may or may not take some time. We'll see. But we're retired, so we do have plenty of time. And I'm liking it!   :-)

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