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Sunday, December 04, 2016

a little more Christmas

Good afternoon.
We've just finished our walk and added lights to the eaves of the house. I'll try to remember to take some pics when it's dark enough to see them.
But here's a few more pics of our inside decorations.....
A centerpiece for the coffee table....
Under the TV....
And a wreath on the door and a star on the cabinet.
That's all the inside decorating we do. I think it's enough.   :-)
Remember our trip a while back to Laughlin? Well, I just received a mailing from one of the hotels. They want to give me a night at the Aquarius casino/hotel for $20! And....a second night free!  Now when we did go there and checked out all the casinos, we signed up for all their players cards, even though we didn't gamble much and certainly not at all of them.  But one of our neighbors told us if we did, we'd get special offers from them.  Well, we were planning on going back sometime to do a few driving trips from there, so I think we'll use the super cheap rooms and give us a nice cheap vaca. Spend the day doing sightseeing trips, and the evening maybe a little gaming eating and shows. Sounds pretty good!
Well, Craig's fixing dinner, which is going to be turkey rice casserole, and soon the lights will come on outside. It gets dark here by 5pm. I'll try to get some good pics.

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