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Friday, December 16, 2016

an overnighter

Good morning.
Wed. we spent the day shopping, sightseeing and the night at Sunset Station.
We headed out around 9am and headed to IKEA in the southwest part of the valley.
It's always fun seeing what stuff they have. And they have a LOT of stuff. We picked up a couple of stemware, knives, potholders, and cork coaster. I know, big spenders.   :-)
Then we headed over to Sam's town to see the Mystic Falls park all decorated for Christmas. Was quite disappointed. Maybe we shouldn't have seen Bellagio first.   :-)
Then we headed over to the Galleria Mall. It's one of the largest in the valley.
Got a couple of shirts here with the remainder gift card I had.
Then across the street from the mall, we checked into the Sunset Station casino/hotel. Here's a view from our room looking east.
After getting settled in, we checked out the massive casino, then headed next door to Walmart where I picked up a new belt to replace the one I was wearing that came apart. We saw this really odd looking cloud as we went out to the car.....
After Walmart, we headed over to Ethel M's to tour the chocolate factory and see their famous cactus gardens decorated for Christmas.
The factory tour was very short, but very informative. They even give you samples!
Then outside behind the factory was the 3 acre cactus gardens....
Had to be thousands and thousands of lights!

It was a beautiful enjoyable sight.  
Then we headed back to the casino/hotel for a little gaming, where we ended up losing about $20, then we grabbed some pizza and headed up to our room. We decided to stay overnight as everything we wanted to do was in the southern part of the valley and Craig didn't want to deal with all the after work traffic trying to get back to the far northern edge of the valley. It's only about 25 miles, but with traffic could take nearly an hour. Vegas is a big, busy city!   :-)
But we had a nice time. Really liked the layout and design of this casino/hotel. And the room was only $29.00! Loved the cactus gardens, and was nice to get out of our community for the day/night.
Well, out nice 60's is coming to a screeching halt. This next week, we'll be in the low 50's and maybe even the high 40's! brrr! But that's still good compared to Michigan!    :-)

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  1. That lighted cactus garden is certainly strange looking.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!