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Sunday, December 18, 2016

fall clean-up

Good morning.
It's a bone chilling 30 out this morning. the coldest low temp so far this year. But it will be sunny and 47 later today. and back into the mid 50's next week.
With all the wind we've had the last 2 days, all the leaves from out desert Willow have finally come down. here's a few pics Craig took while I vacuumed  them up Friday when the temps were still in the 60's.......

The green trees you see are in neighbors yards and are all African Sumac's. They keep their leaves all winter.
With the cold temps, we haven't been walking the last couple of days. And that's good as I think I've developed a bursa on the side of my foot. Probably too much walking in not the best shoes. So I've been treating it and trying to stay off my feet for a while until it gets better. Then I think I'll go out and get some good walking shoes. I enjoy my walks and want to be able to continue them.
That's it for now..

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  1. Walking shoes or hiking shoes?
    Merry Christmas!