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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas update

Good morning.
It's hard to believe Christmas is this coming Sunday.  And even though this is the first day of winter, it still feels like fall outside. Cool mornings and mild days. Upper 50's this week. But that's the main reason we moved out here. To get away from the bitter cold.
Here's a pic of a plate of cookies one of our neighbors brought over for us.
And we got a little white poinsettia from another neighbor. We do have some very nice neighbors.   :-)
And here's Craig doing 1099's for the very last time....
This will take him the good part of 2 days to finish. That's the last thing connected to the Salon business that he'll have to deal with.
And here's the last pics of our decorated home...
I strung some ornaments around the base of our table lamps, and got a couple of pillows for the chairs.
I also added a string of battery operated globe lights among the ornaments under the TV.
And we've been putting our Christmas cards on the valance over the patio door.
So our home is looking very festive.
I just received our current electric bill, and the outside lights have added about $30 to our bill. That's for 3 weeks of lights. Maybe next year I'll put them up a little later, and maybe look for led lights on clearance after Christmas. I would have gotten led this year, but they run about 5 times the cost of regular lights. But if I can get them on clearance, than that will save me now, and in the future. And we put solid colored lights on each bush. One red, one blue, one purple and one pink. I think we have little birds pecking at the blue lights on the one bush. At first, they were all blue, but over the last 3 weeks, we keep noticing more and more lights are more white than blue. I think the birds think they are blueberries since there are ornamental blueberry bushes out here, and they are pecking the color off the light bulbs. The lights are to new for the color to be fading already. I may have to find a different color next year.   :-)
Craig has been enjoying cooking in our big kitchen. The kitchen in the house was quite small and the apartment kitchen was practically nonexistent.  He made a large cabbage roll casserole yesterday, and a crock-pot beef roast the day before. So today is leftover pot roast and tomorrow, casserole. Good eating! And I have to take out a turkey today for Christmas.
And that's enough  for now I think.

1 comment:

  1. Thirty dollars sounds pretty good for the lights you put out.
    Make sure you try Big Lots, too, if you have one there. Everyone buys the day after Christmas to save on Christmas decorations, so good luck with that!