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Friday, December 23, 2016

cheap eats

Good morning.
Yesterday was a dreary drizzly cool day. It pretty much rained all day, although we ended up with only about 1/2 an inch.  Here's the low clouds hanging over the Sheep mountains....
This is a pic taken from the street in front of our house. And it looks like it rained during the night. The pavement is all wet this morning. Soo, I spent the day cleaning and playing on the puter. Last evening, when the outside lights came on, they immediately all went off. Must have gotten water in one of the connections with the day long rain. All the breakers were on so I finally traced it to the ground fault plug in the garage. But when I reset it, it quickly tripped again. Soo, I unplugged all the outside lights, and one by on re-plugged them in to find the short. It ended up being the last string I tried. The one that lights up the main front tree. Still not sure where in the tree it is. There are 7 strings on the trunk and in the tree. It got too dark to work on it last night, so I'll mess with it today.
Also today, we're going to a local casino buffet for lunch. One of our neighbors has a coupon book and still has a number of half off buffet coupons that expire the end of the year, so they invited Craig and I and another couple. The lunch is normally $8 with a players card, and we have that, so that means we'll eat for $4. Almost cheaper than you can eat at home! Then tomorrow for dinner with another couple, we are going to the Salted Lime at our casino for the Tailgate Taco Party. Every Sat. they have an all you can eat Taco bar and $4 margaritas. We haven't been to one and this Sat. is the last one for the season as they only do it during college football.
Well, that's it for now.  

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  1. Murphy's law. It's always the last place you look.
    Have a safe weekend! Merry Christmas!