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Monday, January 23, 2017


Good afternoon.
We've just finished having 3 storms blow through the valley over the last week. Although today is sunny, it's extremely windy and a high of only 55. Yesterday was an entire day of drizzly rain. Our rainfall so far this year is way above normal.  'But we did get an unexpected surprise...
Snow on our Sheep Mountains just north of our community.
We've never seen that before. They say up on Mt Charleston, which is just a 40 min drive from our house, they have nearly 3 ft of snow! Glad it's all up there and not down here.  :-)
One of the things we did after the neighborhood watch meeting was to put padlocks on the utilities.  Right below the electric meter is a small door. You open it up and it's a master shut off for the entire house! n
Never saw anything like that back in Michigan. Apparently, would be burglars will flip the switch and come back the next day to see if any one is home. If the switch is still off, then the house must be empty. A lock just makes our home less appealing than another. And if I did come home to no power, I'd never have thought of checking the meter.
And even with all the rain, and cold, our bushes in the back yard are still green.
And that's all for now.

1 comment:

  1. I have heard of master switches, but I never would have expected a person to throw it.
    It is a good safety precaution.