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Thursday, February 02, 2017


Good afternoon.
We've just returned from an 8 day trip to Hawaii. Had to get away from the cold weather here in Las Vegas.   :-)
It was only around 60 in Vegas, but 80 in Hawaii.We had non-stop from Las Vegas on Allegiant Air. Still. it was a 6 hour flight there, and 5 back. That's a l-o-n-g flight. I don't know how people fly to Australia or Europe.
They had live entertainment at the airport to welcome us!
Here's a couple of views from our room....
Toward the mountains, and toward the ocean. We were on the 23rd floor of the Holiday Inn Beachcomber Resort. Not on the beach, but a very close walk.
Another view from our balcony.
The  pink building is the Royal Hawaiian. it's one of the oldest hotels on Waikiki.
It's been 32 years since we've been to Hawaii. Of course, a lot has changed, but it was still as beautiful as we remembered it. Here's Craig at a beach side patio with Diamond Head Crater in the background.
A turtle swimming along with the other swimmers.
On the building next door, was a revolving restaurant with an outdoor patio below. We'd sit on our balcony every afternoon watching them set up and then get very busy.
And in one of the parks along the ocean, a giant Banyan Tree.

And another beach pic.
We did a number of sightseeing trips while we were there. I'll post more later this week, but this is it for now.


  1. They had lots of Banyan trees on Okinawa. One was blown over by a typhoon when we were there, which was a little surprising as the root base left a huge hole afterwards.

    Glad you had a safe trip. God bless!

  2. I am back to seeing your posts now. Love the picture of the turtle passing through.