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Friday, February 03, 2017

Hawaii 2.0

Good morning.
I'm much more rested and can post a few more pics.
One of our neighbors brought over some tasty muffins as a welcome back gift.
We ate 2 before I thought of taking the pic.   :-)
We've got some very nice neighbors.
One day we took a trolley ride around part of the island.
This would be along the east shore of Oahu.
At one point the driver stopped and gave a little ukulele performance.
He was a pretty good singer!
We didn't stop here but this is a pic of the Iolani Palace.
And another pic with Diamond head in the background.
I think we spent more time at beach bars then anything else.  :-)
Love those Mai Tai drinks! The weather was perfect. Around 80 everyday, and we love to people watch on the beach.
And a couple of pics of garden areas near the Royal Hawaiian or (Pink Palace)

And Craig had to get a pic of this....
It's a Camaro Limousine. I googled it and  it has a gull wing door. look closely where the guy in black is standing. It was parked outside of the Moana Surfrider. It's the other oldest hotel right next to the Royal Hawaiian.
Craig was pretty impressed.
Well, I've got one more post to do about our trip. I'll get to that hopefully tomorrow.

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