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Friday, February 24, 2017

a 2 day trip.

Good afternoon.
We've just returned from a 2 day trip down to Laughlin NV.
 It's about a 2 hour drive south of Vegas, right on the Colorado River across from Arizona. On the way down, Craig wanted to do a section of Route 66 So that took us first to Kingman Arizona, and then through Oatman AZ before we made it to Laughlin. Here's some of the scenery we saw between  Oatman and back to the highway...
It was a pretty drive. Below is a couple of pics of Oatman.....

It was an old mining town that now is a smelly tourist trap full of shops that sell jewelry, t-shirts, and other tourist stuff, thanks to being on Route 66 and wild burro's that roam the streets and crap everywhere.
They even did a lame wild west shoot-out for the tourists. And there were plenty of them there that day.
So with that behind us, we made it to Laughlin and the Aquarius Hotel/Casino.
We had driven to Laughlin for a day trip  back in the late summer after moving out here. We hit all 8 casinos and got their players cards. We were told by a neighbor we needed to get every players card in town so they'll mail us promotions. Well, Aquarius did just that. I got a flyer for $20 for the first night and the second night free. We thought that would be a nice little getaway for a couple of nights. So we did a little of route 66 the first day, and the second day drove another 1 1/2 hours south to see Lake Havasu Arizona. It's a nice little resort town on the Colorado river with an island. They even brought over the Original London Bridge and rebuilt it over to the island. Here's a pic....
It's a pretty cool bridge and they have a nice area along the water front with shops and restaurants.  Here's a fountain in front of the bridges information center.
It was another nice drive.
So we had a nice cheap room, even did a little gambling each evening after we got back to the hotel. As what seems to be our usual routine, one of us wins and the other loses. But we spent a couple hours each evening in the casino and ended up down only about $15. So quite a bit of fun but not a lot of cost.
Got up this morning and made it back home safe and sound. Another good trip.   :-)

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