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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

lovely day in the valley.

Good morning.
We've had some very nice weather. Been able to sit out on the patio. Here's a pic from one of my daily walks....
Some low clouds hanging over the sheep mountains.
Got together with a few neighbors yesterday over at the Salted Lime inside the Aliante Casino. They have Taco Tuesdays with $1.50 taco's and $4 Margaritas. Always nice to get together and chat. One neighbor is doing a redo on their landscaping. They are tearing out the concrete driveway and putting in pavers. Although pavers look very nice on some of the homes I've seen done, I just can't justify the expense to tear out a perfectly good driveway and redo it. But they obviously have a whole lot more available money than us.   :-)     I am anxious to see it when it's all done.
 I've gotten a few more updates on my hospital stay. Apparently all the x-rays, MRI's and eeg's are done in hospital by an outside company, so they are being billed separately by Desert Radiology. So my Blue Cross statement now has 5 more listings, and I'm still waiting for the doctor's bills.
I did get a little good news. I received a call from Health Partners. That's where I went to see a new doctor for a primary care provider and found out later that they weren't in my network. So I was looking at another $216 bill for that office visit. Well, Samantha, the office manager called to say they were erasing the bill. 4 different departments should have caught the fact that they didn't accept my insurance. So that's one less bill to pay.   :-)
And it's going to be another beautiful day with temps around 70 before a cold front goes through late today and takes us back into the low 60 for the rest of the week.

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  1. That is good news about the bill.
    The farm used to have pavers all over, including the driveway; but between floods and years, almost all of them have sunk below the ground, or broke upon digging them up.
    There are several streets in town done in the old style of brick pavers. They did a good job and they look nice. I wouldn't tear up a driveway to do it though, either.
    Enjoy your nice weather. We are headed to the 80s again.