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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rainy days

 Good morning.
It's been a cool wet couple of days as rain moved through the valley. We had nearly an inch over the 2 days. That's a lot for Vegas. This is one of many concrete culverts that snake through the valley to funnel the rain out of the neighborhoods and toward Lake Mead.
This one way on the northern part of the valley had quite a bit of water flowing through it. I can't imagine how full they were in the southern part of the valley as all the rain that comes down heads toward the southeast valley to Lake Mead.
So we spent most of it inside as I cleaned the house, and repaired the kitchen faucet.
As you can see, we have a one handle faucet. When I turned the water on or off, the entire unit wobbled. Obviously, something was loose. I crawled under the sink and couldn't see any bracket to tighten. So, I went online to see if I could find what kind of faucet it was. I found a real good match at Home Depot. And better yet, it had installation instructions online! From those I found that a small nut that I thought was tight, wasn't tight enough and after adjusting it the faucet didn't wobble any more.   :-)
Also on Friday, we picked up the Jeep. It ended up being a bigger job than expected as they had to replace the door. But fortunately, the insurance covered everything.   :-)
And here's a pic of the massive meat counter at one of our Smith's Grocery stores....
It seems to go on forever! And they have about every cut of meat you can think of including numerous pre seasoned / marinated meat. I guess people out here don't know how to season they're own.   :-)
Now the weather should be better today as the rain has moved out and sun returns.
And that's it for today.

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  1. A lot of stores here sell seasoned and unseasoned meat. One chain of stores even sells aged meat, aged a month or more.
    We have a lot of those concrete culverts in Alexandria, too. Sometimes they can be pretty full!