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Friday, March 03, 2017

doing a bunch of nothing!

Good evening.
It's been a fairly uneventful few days here. Weather nice, getting our long walks in, and enjoying our patio. Here's a few pics of the updated patio....
Moved the fountain back near the wall and added some succulents in pots.
Then went to a huge store called Artistic Iron Works and found a little bling to brighten up the far side wall in our backyard.
And a couple more pics of the back yard at different angles....

Spring is really coming along as more trees are flowering and some of our bushes are starting to grow.
We had lunch at a casino buffet a couple of days ago with a neighbor. The buffet at the Fiesta Casino/Hotel is $6.99. We had coupons from our book for buy one get one so we both ate a good meal for a total of $7.50 with tax. Can't eat that much food for any where near that price! The problem is, then we eat too much!   :-)
 But the food was very good. May do that again next week.    :-)
Our accountant from back in Michigan has sent us our final tax return for the business, and now Craig will get to do our individual tax returns. A little more complicated with moving to Nevada and selling the business.
But loving retirement and enjoying doing absolutely nothing! After so many years being so busy with running a Salon, working behind the chair, taking care of a huge yard, it's just so wonderful to have entire days with nothing to do!  It's nice having time to do housework.
And the bills are still coming in from my little hospital stay. Just over $4200.00 right now. Hope that's just about done. Still a little less than I was expecting, so I guess that's good.    :-)
And with that, I'm tired and going to bed. I still haven't acclimated myself to Nevada time yet. Don't know if I ever will.

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  1. I like your back yard bling, but it would be even better if you had about 4 of them in a row giving he impression that they multiplied.