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Monday, March 06, 2017

Some more decorative bling.

Good morning.
We've had some very nice weather, though today and tomorrow is expected to be only 60 and 65. But then it will warm up to 80 by the weekend!   :-)
Most of you know that Craig and I like accent lighting. We have decorative lights all over the house. And here's another piece of bling we bought for the house.....
It's a replica of the original Welcome to Las Vegas sign that sits at the south end of the strip. The little lights around the outside edge flash and so does the star. At night it looks like the real thing!
We have it sitting on top of the fridge and can see it while sitting in the living room. helps to remind us that we do indeed live in Vegas. Being 18 miles north of the strip at the northern edge of the valley, it's easy to forget we are actually in Vegas. Feels like any suburban area in any desert community. Except of course there's slot machines in every store and gas station, which we've never played. If we want to gamble, we'll go to the many casinos situated all over the valley.
Anyway, Saturday we went to a security expo at our community center. Last fall, our community experienced a number of break-ins. The suspects have been caught, but it has heightened awareness that even relatively safe areas can be hit by crime. There were numerous companies there showcasing  many aspects of home safety. We've decided against an alarm system due to the fact that it takes too long for the police to respond. Instead, we're looking at preventative measures. One, is a plastic film that's installed over the glass on your windows. If someone tried to bust through the glass, it just cracks but doesn't break. The film is that strong. Another thing we're going to do is have cameras installed so I can see whats going on outside. As you can see from our floor plan......
Our garage sits out in front of the house. The only window toward the street is the kitchen windows above the sink. It would be nice to sit at my puter and see if anything is going on down the street. It would also be helpful in identifying cars or people. That's how the last people got caught was from a neighbors security cameras. I've read that just having cameras will deter possible break-ins. So we'll have them come out next week for estimates and hope to have it all done before our next travels. We also signed up for a home security inspection by the police dept. In case there's some security aspect we're missing.
Also sat. we went to a patio party at one of the neighbors. Everyone brings snacks and the host supplies the main dish, which was Ruben sandwiches. Very good! They invited a bunch of people from the community we haven't met, so was nice getting to know some new people. Though I'm sure I'll forget all their names.   :-)
And that's all the news I have for now.

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