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Saturday, March 18, 2017

maybe a little luck?

Good morning.
Weather has been beautiful! Walking twice a day now. Morning and evening. Been a little hot during the day with temps getting close to 90. But we're expected to return to 'normal' next week with highs around the low 70's.
Our entertainment is just about over. It's taken a good 5 days, but the new driveway/yard work across the street is just about done. It's looking really nice! I'll take a few pics when I get a chance.
 And we got this in the mail a few days ago. Our realtor, that helped us buy our house 2 1/2 years ago sent this nice card signed by everyone in the office.
The card says.....
Rainbow, Leprechauns, and some wee other folk, Hope they make your St Patty's Day joyous and hope you find a pot of gold!
Happy St Patty's Day!
And inside the card was a Mega Millions ticket.
I haven't checked the numbers yet as I'm waiting for Craig to get up so we can check together.
And our realtor has done other things besides. Every Thanksgiving, we get a Pumpkin or Apple pie. Once a month they do an e-mail Funday Monday. It's a question with 4 answers. You reply with the correct answer and your name is put in a drawing for an Amazon $25 gift card. Over the last 2 years, we won it twice. Any of you have a realtor that does things like this?
And we received a quote for the surveillance system and decided to go ahead and have it installed.
Here's a pic of the type of cameras they will put in...
There will be 4 cameras, hard wired and connected to a DVR. We'll be able to 'see' with them from my puter, TV and phone. It will all be connected to our wi-fi. Of course, first thing is to get ARC approval. They meet next Friday. Shouldn't be a problem as we've seen similar cameras around the community.
And as tradition, Craig did his delicious corned beef for St Patty's day and I think it turned out good as usual.
Well, that's all for now. Wish us luck on the Mega Millions!  :-)
ps.... just checked. We lost. how surprising.  :-)


  1. Wayne, are you on facebook? If so, how would I find you?