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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2 days in a row!

Good morning.
I know, 2 days in a row! Don't get too excited as it most likely won't happen often.   :-)
But one of our neighbors has decided to tear up their driveway and redo it with pavers.
So, since we don't have much excitement in our neighborhood we took our patio chairs out front to watch.
Two of our neighbors even joined us.
They had the entire driveway and sidewalk to the front door torn out yesterday.  They had 5 people working and they worked hard! I can't imagine spending the money to tear out a perfectly good concrete driveway if there is nothing wrong with it, but he's got a big pickup truck and she wants more room to get in and out of the garage. So they wanted to widen both sides of the driveway but didn't like the looks of adding pavers to both sides so thought it would look a lot better all redone. And it will. We've seen a few other driveways that have been done like that and they look real nice. Now we don't have that issue with needing a wider driveway as both of our cars fit nicely in the garage, but his big pickup is to long for the garage so has to sit in the driveway. So by making the driveway 2 ft wider on both sides, she'll have an easier time getting in and out of the garage. So it's suppose to be a 3 day job, so we'll have a little extra entertainment for a while.
Also, Craig went to his doctor yesterday so they could order the tests he needs to have before his finger surgery. While there, they discovered his ears were impacted with wax, so it took an extra half hour to soften and remove the excess wax.  He had this done a year or 2 ago in Lansing, so he must have some wax issue going on, so I guess it's good that they caught it because if it gets too impacted it gets harder to remove.
And, we had lunch at the golf club for the first time in months! Except for the occasional buffet and Taco Tuesday at the casinos, we haven't eaten out much. We both had the Avocado BLT. One with fries and one with onion rings so we could share. Their menu isn't very extensive, but what they have is very good, reasonably priced as we get coupons out of our community magazine for buy one get one half off, and we love the view of the golf course in front of the mountains.
So, that's it for now...

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