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Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday, Monday

Good morning.
It's been absolutely beautiful outside! We're currently running nearly 15 degrees above normal. Mid 80's expected all week! I've been busy 'planting' flowers.....
 After a suggestion from Gene to plant a whole row of flowers along the wall, I sat, looked, and thought about it. Craig and I then decided on this.
It's not an entire row across the wall, but I think a grouping does look better than a single. And I was even able to incorporate a pretty hummingbird that one of Craig's customer gave him for a going away present. All that helps to add a little interest to the far side of the back yard.
All the bushes in the backyard are starting to bud up with a couple of flowers opening. With all this warm weather expected, I think we'll have full bloom in a couple of weeks. I fertilized everything a month ago so I hope that helps.
And, I'm having another issue with the United States Postal Service. A package of signed documents and a check we mailed priority mail to our Accountant a week and a half ago has still not arrived. According to the tracking number, it left Vegas and was expected to be delivered on the 6th of March. Nothing since. I have to wait a full 10 business days after expected delivery to file a missing mail report. So that will be Wed.
But if they 'lost' it, I don't know how they'll expect to 'find' it. I should just do everything Fed-ex. Oh well. At least the accountant can send me new documents and we can write a new check. We'll see. But it is a big pain in the butt!
And last Friday a rep from Sting Alarm came out. We talked about the surveillance system I'd like and she wrote down all the info. She said she'd e-mail me a quote this week.
Well, that's all for now....


  1. If it does not turn up, make sure you put a stop on the check.
    When we lived in California, some mail got misrouted to Colorado. CA CO. Somewhat the same. I can't think of anything that might look like MI, but you never know. It could as easily have been tossed by an angry employee. Let's hope you don't have to go to any hassle.

    I think the multiple flowers and hummingbird look great!
    Our 80 degree weather has take a turn for the 60s. But not really bad enough to damage any plants. Enjoy your weather!

  2. I really like the wall change, especially that purple/blue single stem metal flower. I think I will shop for them for my yard.