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Monday, March 27, 2017

morning update

Good morning.
It's a nice crisp 55 out this morning so I put on a hoodie for my early morning walk. I usually go out around 7am just as the sun is coming over the rooftops. Should reach 75 today.
Here's a few roses that are in full bloom here.....

Most of these rose bushes are 5-8 ft tall. They seem to really like the desert weather.
And here's the bougainvillea plant I bought for the backyard....
 It had a lot more flowers on it when I bought it but between re-potting and separating the stalks to tie to the trellis, a lot of them came off. But I added fertilizer to the soil and watered it good so it should bounce back nicely. It's in a pot as the HOA doesn't allow plants in the ground any closer than 3 ft to the wall.
It's on the north wall so should get a good amount of sun.
And here's a special treat....
You might need to click on the pic to see it better, but that's a Road Runner on the roof of our neighbor. He came down the top of our back wall, around the corner and hopped up on the roof. Later, we saw him/her out in the front yard.
Cooked our last of 4 turkeys yesterday, and today will be a leftover dinner. I just love turkey!
Not much else going on so later!

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  1. Your roses look good. I have never had luck with roses.