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Monday, April 17, 2017

a pretty picture post.

Good morning.
Gorgeous spring weather going on here. If by spring you mean sunny and 80's, instead of 60's and rain.   :-)
But here's a few pics I took on my walk this morning.....
It's hard to see this clearly because of a very large cactus behind it, but it's a very unusual plant. It has long spiny branches covered with more thorns than any rose I've seen. All winter it looks like it's dead, then in the spring it get covered with leaves from top to bottom and at the very ends bloom with big clusters of orange flowers. Quite impressive!
They even get like 15 ft tall!
I'm assuming this is some type of yucca.
This is a dwarf Bottle Brush. I have these in  my back yard. Someday my should be this large.
I've even seen a few yards with Iris in them. They seem to do pretty good here.
And this is a standard Bottle brush. This gets about 8 ft tall eventually unlike my dwarf which should top out at about 3 ft.
More roses. These were numerous bushes planted along a wall next to a house.  Again, roses seem to thrive out here.
And the newest batch of bunnies are here. I counted 41 this morning on my 20 minute walk. That's a lot of bunnies! And that's probably why we've seen coyotes around. Lot's of food for them.
We also have 2 hummers in our backyard. Usually they are very territorial, but these look like a male and female, so maybe they are a couple? We also have a birds nest in our Southern Live Oak. It's a small bird. Kind of light grey with a yellow head.  And we also see the occasional Road Runner. So a lot of wildlife out here in the desert. Of course, with all the plants and water available, it's not too surprising.
We had an Easter cocktail patio party across the street at our neighbors Gary and Obbie. We took sliced ham from a large shank ham we cooked and small buns and sliced cheese. Obbie made deviled eggs and a Mexican bean dip. People also brought a fruit bowl, chips and cake. Was a very nice get together that lasted well until sundown.
And that's the news for now.    :-)


  1. Lots of great looking flowers. I like the bush Bottle Brush flowers. One of the hospitals here has a bunch of the bushes in its landscaping and they are beautiful when they are all red and gold colored.

  2. The first and second picture is an Ocotillo plant. Those sure look healthy. We have some around the house in Palm Springs and they have never looked as good as the ones that you are showing.