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Friday, April 14, 2017

friday post

Good morning.
Beautiful weather here. A little windy today, but it's been sunny and low 80's this week.   :-)
An electrician came out on Wed. sent by the company that put in our surveillance system. They were able to rewire the garage coach light and now it's working again. It was nice the company paid for it as in their contract, accidents do happen and they aren't liable. But I thought they would try and make it right for good pr and they did.   :-)
I also did a repair on our dishwasher.  The water out here has a very high mineral content and it can leave  a film on the glasses over time. A neighbor recommended Cascade Platinum, and it worked miraculously! Glasses came out completely spotless and crystal clear! But the packets you put in the dishwasher tend to cause a bit of suds during one cycle and I was getting water on the floor. I discovered that the seal around the door had gotten quite brittle along the bottom and wasn't staying in place. So I went online and ordered another seal. It came and was even an easy switch with the old one. Our dishwasher is now leak free!   :-)
We joined a neighbor on Wed. evening for a little patio party. Always nice to get together with them and chat.
And today marks 8 months into 'retirement'. Still loving it!
And that's all the news I have for now.


  1. I don't think retirement gets old.

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