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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

a safer home.

Good morning.
 Here's the pic of the new bushes I planted in pots and placed on either side of the fountain.
 I moved the cactus farther to the sides and potted 2 new flowering shrubs next to the fountain.
Then I needed to add water drip line to the pots. Fortunately. I remembered that they buried the main line along the patio.
So it was fairly easy to dig up, attach new drip lines and run them to the pots. I added 2 to each pot.
And here's another pretty cactus I saw this morning on  my walk...
The flowers were nearly as large as my hand.
Also yesterday, we had an officer from the police dept come in for a home safety inspection. We signed up for this at the safety fair last month at our community center.
She was here over an hour and was extremely thorough. Left us this packet with ratings and suggestions to make our home safer from potential burglars and safer for us. I hadn't even thought about it but we don't even have a fire extinguisher.
So the meeting was very productive and we'll put in place many of the suggestions. A good one was to go through the house with your smart phone and video everything in every room. And she meant 'everything'!. If your broken into or there's a fire, You will most likely not remember everything you had.
Not much else going on. See you later.

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  1. Looking good and sounding smart!