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Sunday, April 09, 2017

flowering cactus

Good morning.
It's a cool 50 out this morning going only to 70, but should rebound back near 80 by mid week.
Here's some pics I took on one of my morning walks.....

Yep, the cactus are starting to bloom. These are mostly small ones but I see buds on many of the larger ones so I should be getting more pics in a few weeks. The only cactus I have in  my yard are the tall ones I put in pots last summer. No flowers on them at this time. Maybe I need to fertilize more.
I also made another pie....
This one is an Apple, Caramel, Pecan pie. We had a piece after our home made pizza. It was tasty!
And again, I used a no cal sweetener in place of sugar, and a crumb topping to cut out the fat from a pastry top.
And this weekend is one of 2 garage sales that our community holds. We did venture out to quite a few and discovered why we don't yard sale. It's pretty much junk. Or at least, nothing we need or want. I've gotten quite picky about what we buy for our house. I don't want our house loaded with 'stuff' we seldom/never use.
Well, I guess that's it for today.

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  1. The Cacti are very pretty. Thank you for sharing. :)