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Friday, April 07, 2017

beautiful weather

Good morning.
Gorgeous weather. Sunny and low 80's.   :-)
As promised, here's the 2 new plants i added to the back yard...
They are the orange flowering bushes on each side of the fountain. They are called Bells of Fire. And they also attract humming birds. We see our hummer several times every day.
And here's a couple more pics of the yard... 
The Autumn Sage is blooming, which also attracts the hummers.
The one creeping Lantana doesn't look like it's doing much compared to the other two, but I'll give it this season and if it doesn't perk up, I'll replace it.
We very happy how the back yard is shaping up. I think it's still a work in process.
And, we met the future new neighbors that we back up to.  We back up to the side of a house that's around the corner. It went up for sale a couple of months ago. Well, it sold and the new owner was there with the house inspectors and we chatted for a bit. They seem very nice.
We also spent yesterday late afternoon/evening on a neighbors patio for drinks and conversation.
One issue we weren't planning on was apparently a by-product of having the surveillance system installed. One of our garage coach lights isn't working. The wire may have been drilled through by the tech installing the cameras. The company is going to send out an electrician to check it out. I know the light worked last Sunday evening. I even swapped the light with the one on the other side thinking maybe I had a bad light, but both lights work on the one side, and neither work on the other. So it's definitely the wiring. Sometimes one thing leads to another, right?
And that's it for now...

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