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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

smile, your on camera!

Good morning.
Sorry for my lack of posts. Time sure flies by when your retired!   :-)
But yesterday, Sting Alarm showed up to install our new surveillance system.
We had 4 camera installed.
On the patio, above the front door,
and 2 on the garage aimed at both ends of the street.

Here's a pic of the software on my puter...
What's nice with this system is they are live cameras. I can open up the software on my puter, or the app on my phone and see whats going on in real time. Better yet, they have motion recording capabilities, so I can go back and look at anything that happened up to about a month and a half. By having motion recording and not continuous recording, it takes longer for the DVR to fill up.
And having cameras on the house will also be a good deterrent  for possible burglars. The total install and the tech 'teaching' me about the software took about 5 hours.  We're very happy with it.
I also added a couple more pots and plants to the back yard. I'll try to remember to take pics for a future post. I also ran drip lines to the pot on the side of the yard where we planted a bougainvillea vine. That was a project since I hadn't done that before and used the wrong connectors from the main line to the feeder line and had a leaky mess! But I finally got it figured out.  Maybe today I'll run lines for the 2 new pots. It's nice having a timed drip system so I don't have to manually water everything all the time.   :-)
I just have to water the succulents and cactus, but they don't get water very often.
So not much else has been going on here. Just sunny and nice. We do tend to have some very windy days here and there. According to the weatherman, that's typical of our springs. But I'll take the sun and wind over the cold and rain back in Michigan!   :-)
I guess that's all for now.

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  1. I like that you get the views on the monitor that you show here. Gives me something to think about for my own home. I would also be interested in seeing what kind of animals are walking around my house at night.